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Indigenous Peoples: Music

Stories (Click me 4 Lyrics)

(2 Real 4 da Mind)
September 30, 2006
James Macias, Anthony Romero and Larry Harris
confessions of 2 Real 4 da Mind of times in clubs where women look good from afar but are far from good!
I saw this pretty young thing when I stepped up in the club
Confidence running high looking good feeling fly
With the cologne I was wearing I was smelling nice
Every five minutes she was catching my eye
So I decide that I’m a walk up to her from across the dance floor
As I’m walking up I’m thinking why is she dancing alone?
I’m thinking maybe she’s in her own little zone
When I was 5 feet from her
The smell started to get stronger
It hypnotized my like voodoo
Cuz she smelt just like Doo Doo!

Man all I saw was that booty giggle giggle giggle giggle
Going wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
Make me want to get behind her and settle
And make that girl feel a little bit wetter
Oh her booty’s what I’m feeling
My hands is what she’s feeling
We looked at each other and started grinning
She turned around and my jaw started dropping
Then we got into the groove
I saw her booty go boom boom boom
Then she turned around and smiled
Her teeth where throwing up gang signs and knocked me out!

Stepped into the club everything is lovely
Baby doll’s not too skinny not too chubby
She’s shaking it across the dance floor
Like a Juggie on the Man Show
What I’m standing here for I need to talk to this girl
So I take one two three steps toward the lady
I’m ready for what ever I saw the leopard under the sweater
After four five six minutes I’m in it thinking to my self
Hey maybe I’ll hit it
Then she took a sip of her beer
Bent on over and whispered in my ear
She started to talk romance
I looked down and saw a bulge in her pants.