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Indigenous Peoples: Bio



Emerging out of Colorado, KOSS, Siklone, Lyrical Hitman (Rest in Peace!), S7en and DJ Remody make up Indigenous Peoples (AKA 2 Real 4 da Mind) With their rapid fire delivery and conscious lyrics Indigenous Peoples have captivated audiences around the world. 


THE BEGINNING: KOSS (Jimmy Macias) and Lyrical Hitman (Larry Harris) formed a hip hop duo in high school called 2 Real 4 da Mind. Months later Fa’ Dora (Kent Ware) and Siklone (Anthony Romero) joined the crew. 2 Real’s first EP was very socially conscious and discussed issues such as racism, poverty and politics. Soon after Fa’ Dora left the group and is now a very successful DJ in the Denver area.


A STORM IS COMMIN’: 2 Real’s first full length album was titled “A Storm is Commin’” This album was released in 2003 and did well for 2 Real 4 da Mind. A sold out release party launched 2 Real’s career. Soon after this album was released Lyrical Hitman left the group to join the United States Marine Core.


SOKIS: SOKIS (Is an acronym for Siklone “SIK” and K-OSS “KOS” spelt backwards. This was a duo album with Siklone and K-OSS with guest appearances by Lyrical Hitman and 7ven. 2 Real branched out and tested many forms of music on this album from Jazz to R&B.


LYRICAL HITMAN: While saving the life of a fellow Marine Lyrical Hitman (Larry D. Harris) was killed in action fighting for our country in Afghanistan. He was awarded a Sliver Star, Purple Heart as well as many other awards. He will forever live through our hearts and through the music he blessed us with! RIP to our brother Larry!


A DAY LATE & A DOLLAR SHORT: A Day Late & a Dollar Short will be by far Indigenous People's best work. This album has guest appearances by Bone Thugs~n~harmony, Q-Loco, Blackalicious and Sleep (Of the Chicharones). WHAT'S NEXT? The group is currently on tour with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs~n~harmony and Q Loco.

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